How to thread/use your PFAs? What are PFAs?

Posted on April 24 2018

How to thread/use your PFAs? What are PFAs?

Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) are the little adjusters on the top of your shoulder. They are used for micro-adjustments of your shoulder strap, to make the buckle on the underside of the strap sit in a different position when tightened, or to shorten the overall shoulder if your underarm strap is all the way tight otherwise.

The first thing you should know is that not all 2Lambie onbuhimos have PFAs. They aren't necessary for most wearers, but they are available on Vias as a standard option, on all 2Lambie custom orders, and we are planning on putting them into all of our standard ready to ship carriers in the near future so that our carriers will be inclusive of more body sizes.

If your 2Lambie has PFAs you can thread them two ways: pull tab on top or  pull tab underneath.

Threading so the tab is underneath leaves a clean look and if you have a half or full conversion, it shows the pretty side of the wrap and keeps the canvas out of sight. However, threading underneath won't allow you to tighten the PFAs all the way tight. This isn't an issue for most wearers though, as a slight adjustment is all that is typically needed unless you are very petite AND wearing a very small child.

If you need to tighten all the way, then it's best to thread on top. Then you can take the remaining pull tab and tuck it decoratively so that it isn't hanging loose.

Check out the pics! Hope this helps some of you!!

PFA showing tab threaded under If you don't need the PFAs tightened all the way, but just slightly, then you can keep the pull tab threaded underneath and just fold extra under neatly.
PFA threaded under showing tab folded neatly This is pretty much as right as you will be able to tighten while threading underneath. You can see there's approximately 1" more that can be tightened but not by using this method. And there is quite a bit of pull tab to deal with, so bring the extra towards the front as far as it will go then double back and go as far down into the crease as you can before folding under the last little bit. It looks a bit busy under there with the pull tab folded, but once weight is in the carrier you won't see it. See pictures below.
rPFAs shown with weight on the carrier With a little weight you hardly notice the folded tabs.
rPFAs shown threaded on top with tab hanging loose To tighten all the way, thread so pull tab is on top.
rPFAs shown threaded on top with pull tab being folded decoratively step one Fold towards one side, so decorative side is up.
rPFA shown threaded on top with pull tab folded decoratively step 2 Tuck under the strap.
rPFA shown threaded on top with pull tab folded decoratively step three Tuck back through the loop your created or continue around one more time.

You'll notice from the above pics that the 2Lambie PFAs pull toward the shoulder straps, these are sometimes referred to as rPFAs as the original version of PFAs (first developed for an SSC) pulled toward the panel. The 2Lambie Via comes standard with traditional PFAs that pull toward the panel.

2Lambie Via with PFA loosened 2Lambie Via showing PFAs tightened

2Lambie Via showing loosened and tightened PFAs.

Do you have any questions about your PFAs? Do you use them? Let us know in the comments.


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