What is an RTB Drawing? What does RTS mean?

    2Lambie sells baby carriers via the following 2 ways: 1) through the website on our Current Stocking page and 2) through Right to Buy (RTB) Drawings, also announced on the Current Stocking page. Website releases are easier for us, but they will sell to the customer with the fastest fingers (and internet connection). A RTB drawing gives everyone even footing and isn't dependent on internet speed or fast fingers. RTB Drawing winners are chosen by random number generator from all valid entries received. We like to sell in both ways to try to give everyone an equal chance to buy a 2Lambie!

    RTS means Ready to Ship. These are baby carriers that are sewn and ready to ship as soon as invoices are paid. RTS carriers are already designed and sewn and ready to ship, they can not be customized. 2Lambie also sells Custom Slots, where the customer can design the carrier from the ground up, and Semi-Customs, where the customer can choose the carrier size and panel from a limited stock of provided options.

    How much does a 2Lambie Carrier Cost?

    The cost of your 2Lambie custom baby carrier will vary depending on the features you choose. Custom wrap conversion onbuhimos can vary greatly depending on the wrap chosen and if you provide the wrap or if you choose a wrap from our collection.*

    • Ready to Ship (RTS) Conversion Onbuhimos are $225-295 depending on fabric used.
    • For Custom Conversion 2Lambie pricing please see our Custom Order Info page.

    *All costs are subject to change and may vary with very difficult wraps, but this is the cost breakdown we've found to work well so far.

    How do I get on the 2Lambie Custom List?

    We offer custom slots for both 2Lambie onbuhimos, ssc, meh dais, creatures/lovies and 2Lambie handbags on a periodic basis. Typically every 2-3 months. There are a limited number of custom slots available. If they anre not listed online then they are posted via the stocking methods mentioned above and advertised on our Instagram and Facebook pages beforehand. Onbuhimo slots are require a $45 non-refundable deposit, ssc ocah is $150 deposit and handbag slots require a $50 deposit and most creature deposits are $25-45.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

    Ready to ships are all final sale and unable to be returned. Should an order be cancelled for any reason, there will be a restocking fee of 30%. Any customizations added on to ready to ship carriers are not able to be returned; such as but not limited to accessories like hoods, suck pads cinching seats, chest belts, embellishments of any kind are extra features and not able to be returned and if permanently fixed to the carrier will make the carrier a final sale  

    Do you offer payment plans?

    We do offer payment plans for 3.5% additional cost. (To cover the cost of the partial payment software.) Look for the Partial.ly payment plan checkout button on the cart page (once you've added your products to cart). Details can be found by following that link. Incomplete payments will incur a 10% fee of overall product cost, the rest will be refunded. Discount codes cannot be used with Partial.ly software, but if you contact us with a discount code you would like to use we are happy to refund that portion of cost for you. Custom Orders can be paid via Partial.ly too, but you must contact us to request this option as it requires special handling.

    How long before my custom Onbuhimo is shipped?

    We typically offer custom slots 4-6 months ahead of sewing time for that custom Onbuhimo. This allows customers time to decide on the details of their particular Onbuhimo, get all their questions answered, and purchase and ship fabric if desired.

    When is my 2Lambie coming? Shipping Days

    We ship once per week so that we can focus on sewing the other days of the week without running to the post office every day. Unless your order was shipped using a different method per your request, most options via our checkout will send an automatic email when your item is shipped, this email will contain your tracking number.

    This FAQs page is still under construction.

    Please let us know if there are any questions you would like to add to this page. You can contact us on our Facebook page, by email, or post a comment on our website updates blog.

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