Onbuhimo Custom Order Information

Pricing and Options

2Lambie currently offers two styles of custom onbuhimo carriers, Buckle Onbuhimo and Reverse Onbuhimo. The 2Lambie Buckle Onbuhimo is a backpack style carrier with padded straps and ladder locks for tightening as well as our Ring Belt© (the 2Lambie Ring Closure Chest Belt). The 2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimo has short padded straps that end in Double Rings with wrap straps that can secure your carries via back passes. 


Conversion Fees:  Fees do not include wrap costs

  • Buckle Onbuhimo: $375 for full, half or 3/4 conversion.  
  • Reverse Onbuhimo: $395 for full, half or 3/4 conversion 
Add-on Options:
  • Upgrade to Linen underside Half Conversions (included)
  • Flat Hood Attached ($40)
  • Flat Hood Removable ($45)
  • Pin tucks or other details on hood ($35+ average)
  • One pair suck pads ($40)
  • Upgrade to Wrap Chest Belt ($30) - buckle onbuhimo only 
  • 2Lambie linen for reverse onbuhimo fabric ties ($50) (if your wrap can not be used for the ties)
  • If you are interested in other options not listed here, please contact us.

2Lambie Onbuhimo sizing:

  • Baby: from 8lbs with cinched seat - 18 month clothing
  • Toddler: 2T - 4T
  • Preschool: 4T - 55lbs


All measurements are stated in inches and are full wrap width. Please note, these are estimates and more may be needed depending on wrap width and placement.

  • Semi conversion (panel only): 24" for baby/toddler or 26" for Preschool
  • Half conversion (panel + top of shoulders): 50" 
  • 3/4 conversion (same as half w/ full wrap shoulders): 72” 
  • Full Conversion: 90"x full wrap width (minimum) **
  • Hood: +20" 
  • Suck pads: 8-20" (depends on placement)
  • Chest belt:  9"  (buckle onbuhimo only)
  • Wrap Ties: 88-90” or longer if you prefer custom length (reverse onbuhimo only) more info below. 

** PLACEMENT: Please keep in mind that more yardage might be necessary if your wrap has "scenes" or creatures that you want me to include. Placement should be carefully considered.

Reverse Onbuhimo Wrap Ties:

  • Length of Wrap Ties/Straps:
    • 90″ - For wrap pass lovers. This length allows the most flexibility in wrapping the ties, and the fanciest of tie offs.
    • Or ... if you know you want exactly 72" or 102" we can do that! This is your custom, just let us know. The above lengths are just provided as a guide.


IMPORTANT!!  Please read your email receipt --- there is a link to a form that you must fill out to be put on the list. Slots are filled based on when you fill out this form, not when you paid for your slot. Your slot on my growing production list is not finalized until you complete the form. The form will update my production list in real time.  

  • As I work through my custom list you will be notified when your slot is approaching so that you may send along your wrap or fabric to me. You may also opt to purchase material or wrap by the inch from my extensive collection. 
  • I will only make two attempts to contact you for your slot and if there is no response within 48 hours of the second attempt then you forfeit your slot. 
  • Once you have made your selections for your custom onbuhimo your carrier will begin after the completion of the project before yours.  The full amount for your carrier will be due at the time the onbuhimo is completed and payment will need to be received before your onbuhimo can be shipped.  
  • Your onbuhimo will not ship until full payment is received. If payment is not received within 30 days, then I will reserve the right to sell the onbuhimo and recover my fees and any shipping costs associated with shipping any scrap material back to you. 
  • Shipping your completed onbuhimo will cost $15.95 domestically. This cost (or any additional shipping costs for returning wrap scrap) will be added to your onbuhimo total.
  • International shipping will be charged at cost.
  • Tax will be charged in California.
  • If you cancel before project begins you forfeit your slot deposit and will pay to ship back any fabric. Once fabric is cut you may not cancel. 


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