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2Lambie Onbuhimo

What is an Onbuhimo?

No waistband...Comfy for both baby and wearer, more natural interactions with your child while wearing, all while also showcasing a truly beautiful design.


The 2Lambie Onbuhimo is a totally different kind of soft structured carrier!  The single element that separates an onbuhimo from all other soft sided carriers (or SSCs) is that there isn't a waistband. What, no waistband?? That's right, no waist band, which means there's no "muffin top" and less fabric which means it's cooler for the wearer and allows many different body types to find the perfect fit, including mamas who babywear while pregnant.

Moms find this design freeing and beautiful - no waist straps cutting into your gut or your outfit. Dads love the design as it's less straps, less fabric, and easy to get on and off. Kids love the 2Lambie Onbuhimo design because they get a higher seat and can see what's going on over Mom or Dad's shoulder. And kids especially love the onbu carry, or high back carry, which allows them to see over your shoulders and interact with the world at your level. Regular SSCs put the child's head at about your shoulder blades when backwearing ... this means they can't see what you are seeing and that you feel the need to turn sideways (and crick your neck) to interact with them. The onbu carry puts their head nearly even with yours, so talking to them, showing them what you are doing, and interactions with other adults just happens naturally. 

The 2Lambie Onbuhimo features a uniquely styled shape and contoured body panel, which creates a "seat" by folding up the lower edge of the carrier to create a hammock seat with the shoulder straps going under the child's legs. The onbuhimo effortlessly creates the perfect positioning for baby’s bottom without the need for seat darts. It molds to your child so comfortably and cradles their legs in upward comfort by fostering the recommended “bottom-lower-than-knees” seated fashion automatically. This puts baby in the proper M-seat position, EVERY single time.  Additionally, our onbuhimos provide a rounded backrest to add comfort and support for Little Ones of all sizes, yet is ultra soft and breathable - important to keep baby cool.

At 2Lambie fit and function are important, but so are aesthetics. The 2Lambie Onbuhimo was the first carrier available on the market that was designed with an aesthetically pleasing shoulder strap by specifically reducing the webbing on the face of the strap - less webbing equals more beauty. This less webbing design is not only prettier, but more comfortable for the wearer. The webbing found on the top of most carrier shoulders compresses the shoulder padding directly under the webbing and creates a pressure point that can make wearing uncomfortable. This webbing compression also makes the shoulder padding not directly under the webbing curl-up in an unflattering fashion. The 2Lambie Onbuhimo shoulder straps are generously padded for optimal comfort and without the webbing, distribute the weight more evenly. Our straps are shaped just enough to avoid the dreaded underarm rub as they curve around your shoulders.  

2Lambie Creations is proud to offer one of the most elegantly designed and comfortable carriers on the market. Not only is it perfect for those quick "up, then down" carries, but it's a great solution for those who don't particularly like the waist belt found on full buckle soft structured carriers.

2Lambie offers Onbuhimos in the Reverse style with rings on the top straps and wrap straps coming up from the bottom or in the newer Buckle Onbuhimo style. 2Lambie Onbuhimos are known for having thick, cushy straps that make carrying for longer periods comfortable for Mom and Dad.

At 2Lambie we believe safety and comfort can also be pretty!! 2Lambie has the patent pending sectioned shoulder straps and Ring Belt© (ring closure chest belt) for that extra detail of safety, aesthetics, and bling.

2Lambie offers three sizes  including one of the only carriers on the market specifically designed for preschoolers! Our baby size is perfect for those who want to buy once and keep through early toddlerhood. The toddler size is the best choice for your little one that is approaching 2 years old through 3T+. Our Preschool size is wonderful for older children with special needs or for those quick, yet often "ups."

  • Baby:  Infants sitting self-supported through - 2 yrs 15-45lbs
  • Toddler: 18mos/2T- 4+ yrs, 25-45 lbs, starting at 32" tall
  • Preschool: 3-5 years, 35-55 lbs, starting at 38″ tall

Our shoulder straps come in one-size fits most (15" length), the perfect fit for nearly all body types is a simple adjustment away. Should you need special sizing, please enquire via email as smaller or longer straps (with or without reverse PFAs) can be accommodated on a custom basis.  

Shoulder straps and webbing are sewn with internal bar tacking and reinforced stitching sewn internally along the inseam at stress points, as well as decorative stitching on the top of the carrier.  All of the structural details were considered very carefully, while balancing the need for aesthetics in the final product. The end result was a 2Lambie baby carrier that is not only strong and durable, but looks and feels great too. 

Onbuhimo carriers are made for back carries and are meant to be worn "high and tight."  That high positions where baby can look over your shoulder is called the onbu position, onbu - meaning high back carry. How high and how tight will vary from one person to the next and it will take a bit of experimenting to find your particular "sweet spot."  For many who are used to carrying with a waist belt style carrier, it will take time to get used to a 2 shoulder carry as this carry engages different muscles than those of a traditional SSC. For those with experience carrying using a Ring Sling or Wrap (Ruck Under Bum), you will take to a 2 shoulder carry very quickly. Be patient as it can take several uses of your onbuhimo for your body to fully adjust and carry with ease. It's not unheard of to start off only being able to carry for 20 minutes at a time and then work your way up to longer extended carries.  

The carrier creates a "seat" automatically when you fold up the lower edge of the carrier, thereby making a hammock for your child to sit in. A proper fit should allow the child to ride arms-out with the carrier fabric coming to the child's armpits.

Children can be worn arms-in or out, but should be loaded with arms out to reduce risk of falling. As always, when learning a new carry, please practice with a spotter over a soft area with little to no falling distance.

2Lambie Creations is compliant with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements.

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