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    Onbuhimo Sizing

    Explore the world without limitations,
    while keeping your little ones close.

    2Lambie offers three onbuhimo sizes, including one of the only carriers on the market specifically designed for preschoolers! Our Baby size is perfect for those who want to buy once, keep through early toddlerhood. The Toddler size is the best choice for your little one that is approaching 2 years old through 3T+. And for those bigger kids who still want "ups" and need a little help keeping up with the older ones, we offer the Preschool size - no other onbuhimo carrier on the market is as large. Our Preschool size onbuhimo is wonderful for older children with special needs who often need those quick "ups".

    • Baby: Infants sitting self-supported (approx 8 mos) through – 2 yrs 15-45lbs, 14-16" seat, pant size: sitting - 18month/2T
    • Toddler: 18mos/2T– 4+ yrs, 25-45 lbs, starting at 32" tall, 16-18.5" seat, pant size: 2T/3T - 4T
    • Preschool: 3 – 5 years, 35-55 lbs, starting at 38″ tall, 19.5-22" seat, pant size: 3T/4T+
    • Extended Preschool size is also available at special request: up to size 5T/6T


    Our shoulder straps come in one-size fits all, creating the perfect fit for nearly all body types. Straps are 15" total padding length and 4" padding width that tapers toward buckle. Straps will fit more like 12" when comparing to other onbuhimo brands, due to the 2Lambie curved backrest panel shape and our inset buckles. Should you need special sizing, please inquire via email as smaller or longer straps (with or without pfas) can be provided on a "custom" basis. Email: contact@2Lambie.com.