Reverse Onbuhimo

Available Options: 

*2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimos are currently only available via custom order.*

Wrap amount needed: Most Reverse 2Lambie's are half conversions with either wrap straps or linen straps. For Half conversion Baby and Toddler sizes we need 135" for wrap tie lengths between 70 & 80". 

Length of Wrap Straps: The wrap straps are available in 3 lengths. These options allow for the most flexibility of parents using the 2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimo. 

  • 60″ Shorty - If it's mostly petite people using the carrier the Shorty is ideal. The Shorty straps are long enough for  a tie off under the bum for most, and for some petite people, a wrap under bum and tie in front. Nothing fancy here, just a basic tie. 
  • 70-80″ Reg - For average sized users this is the optimum choice. Petite people will find this to be ample length for fancy tie-offs. 
  • 90″ Long - For wrap pass lovers. This length allows the most flexibility in wrapping the ties, and the fanciest of tie offs.
  • Or ... if you know you want exactly 72" or 102" we can do that! This is your custom, just let us know. The above lengths are just provided as a guide.

The beauty of the 2Lambie Reverse is that even the brawniest of men can still use the Shorty size, it just limits the tie off options. Petite people can also use the Long with an extra pass around the back to tie off. 

What wraps can be used for Reverse wrap ties?

Reverse wrap straps are limited to new, unused, cotton, basic weave wraps from this list:

  • Girasol (all weaves)
  • Kokoro
  • Oscha
  • Pavo
  • Pellicano
  • Tekhni
  • Uppymama
  • West of the 4th Weaving
  • Erizo
  • Apple Blossom Wovens
  • Meeyoo
  • Mad Hatter Warped & Woven
  • Cloth of Kin

If you don't have a wrap from this list, please inquire as to what we have available, you can purchase wrap from 2Lambie by the inch, no wasted scrap!

Half conversions are $270
Full conversions are $290 (Lisa must approve wraps)

Or if you have a beloved used wrap, that can be used for the carrier body, but Linen wrap ties must be used. We have MANY colors of these soft linen ties to choose from to coordinate with your wrap. Linen ties add $20.

The ‘Good to Grow’ Adjustable Body Panel: The ‘Good to Grow’ adjustable body panel was specifically developed for this carrier. More info on the GTG panel will be available in a future post, so stay tuned ...

The 2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimo is known for it's cushy shoulder and long wrap straps for extra supportive wrap passes and fancy finishes. It provides the support and feel of a multi-pass wrap carry with the easy of a high-back carry onbuhimo. If you're a Soft Sided Carrier (SSC) user, you'll love it for its ease of use. Both wrappers and buckle carrier fans love the 'no waistband' feature. The 2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimo is ideal for the parent that wishes they could wrap faster, easier, or more securely. For the toddler that just isn’t patient enough for wrapping with long wraps anymore, this carrier is an excellent option.

Features of the 2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimo

Reverse Onbuhimo

Many mamas who have tried the 2Lambie Reverse Onbuhimo have stated it's as close to the wrapping ‘feel’ that can be achieved with a structured carrier. It has the perfectly contoured onbuhimo body of 2Lambie design, combined with the ring/shoulder assembly of Blue Hibou. The hammock 'seat' created by this panel is perfect, no need for seat darts. It puts your baby in the proper 'M' position, establishing the recommended 'bottom-lower-than-knees' automatically.

As with all onbuhimos, this reverse design has no waistband, thus no bulky strap across the wearer's middle (read: no muffin top!), has less fabric - thus cooler for the wearer, and has flexible and forgiving straps that allow for all body types to find the perfect fit. It's also ideal for babywearing while pregnant!

The shoulder straps have thick, cushy padding, contoured to fit the curve of the wearer's shoulders. The rings are placed at the end of the cushioned padding, but are not without padding of their own. The padded flap under the rings is quilted with just the right amount so the wearer never feels the metal rings pressing into their body. Reverse Perfect Fit Adjusters (rPFAs) are available as an add-on option. And in the continued style of 2Lambie carriers, no ugly webbing. Both Lisa and Jo believe this creates a more beautiful carrier. The double shoulder rings are pre-threaded before putting your child on your back, creating a secure seat while you wrap the straps however you feel most comfortable.

The wrap straps are wrapped similar to a meh dai (or bei dai), with the advantage of the double rings for threading and securely locking in your seat instead of tieing knots. Your child is virtually weightless in this carrier when the shoulder straps are secured under the bum. You can carry your heavier toddler and pre-schooler for extended periods without feeling any digging into your neck, shoulders or waist.

Development of our Reverse Onbuhimo:

Reverse Onbuhimo

In our search for the perfect toddler/preschool carrier, we come across a carrier with rings at the shoulder and long wrap straps coming from the waistband: a reverse of the traditional onbuhimo. We were inspired to design one ourselves, but discovered that a good friend, Jo, the mama behind Blue Hibou was also looking to design a Reverse Onbuhimo. Lisa of 2Lambie and Jo decided to collaborate on this design to achieved the first carrier designed by the joint effort of two separate wrap conversion businesses. Our collaborative Reverse Onbuhimo passed ASTM testing in December 2016 and officially became a conversion offering in January of 2017 for both Blue Hibou in Canada and 2Lambie in the United States.

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