2Lambie Buckle Onbuhimo - Gira “Muchness”

$ 350.00

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      Our Buckle Onbuhimo featuring Gira “Muchness, a lovely mellow rainbow, and comes with a cinching panel to customize the seat size to your child and is a 3/4 conversion.

      2Lambie Buckle O
      nbuhimos are known for being the leader in the onbuhimo industry for having the most comfortable shoulders around.

      Complete with:

      *Cushy leg-out padding to ensure your child is comfy as well.

      * Arched backrest to support growing babies and toddlers, ideal for children who lean. 

      * Quick fit adjusters (pfas “perfect fit adjusters) to allow you to secure your child quickly and provides easy on/off.

      * Signature ring chest belt is designed to maximize comfort and aesthetics, using soft material instead of webbing and rings instead of buckles for easy adjustment and to add a little bling!

      * Cinching seat to expanding your wearing days  


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