2Lambie Accoutrements - Handbags - Carlisle - Mokosh Eywa Christmas Tree

$ 145.00

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      The 2Lambie Carlisle Clutch is classic and simple. She has one main compartment to create easy access to your things on the go. Carlisle is perfect for your cell phone, diaper, wipes, credit cards, and lipstick or use at home as a makeup bag. The Carlisle Clutch is perfect for bringing along a couple of your necessary items while also fitting your baby's essentials while on the go. Throw this clutch into any bag or carry alone and know your are keeping what you need close by. This clutch can be clipped to your 2Lambie Onbuhimo,, baby carrier, or stroller and keeps your items close at hand. Convenience is is a must for any woman on the go, just grab this clutch and know you have whatever you need at your fingertips.   

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