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    Custom 2Lambie Onbuhimo Pricing and Options

    2Lambie currently offers two styles on custom carriers, Buckle onbuhimo and Reverse onbuhimo. The 2Lambie Buckle is a backpack style carrier with padded straps and ladder locks for tightening as well as our Ring Belt© (the 2Lambie Ring Closure Chest Belt). The 2Lambie Reverse has short padded straps that end in Double Rings with wrap straps that can secure your carries via back passes.

    2Lambie Buckle Onbu2Lambie Reverse Onbu2Lmbie Reverse Onbu2Lambie Reverse Onbu2Lambie Reverse Onbu

    Wrap Conversion Fees*: (Fees below do not include wrap costs)

    1. Onbuhimo - Semi Conversion ($235)
    2. Onbuhimo - 1/2 Conversion ($270)
    3. Onbuhimo - Full Conversion ($305)

    *NOTE: Preschool and Extended Preschool sizes are an additional $10.

    Add-on Options: (Fees below do not include wrap costs)

    • 2Lambie fabric for wrap ties ($20) (if your wrap can not be used for the ties)
    • Chevron Piece Work on Panel ($25+)
    • Flat Hood Attached $35
    • Flat Hood Removable $40
    • Chevron Piece Work on Hood (extra $20)
    • Pin tucks or other details on hood ($25-35 average)
    • One pair suck pads ($35)
    • Reverse PFAs ($35)
    • Upgrade to Wrap Chest Belt ($20)
    • Add Linen Ties for Reverse ($20)
    • If you are interested in other options not listed here, please contact us.

    Onbuhimo Body Fabric

    •  You may supply your own wrap scrap OR
    •  You may purchase 2Lambie wrap fabric @ $1.25-$3.25/inch (please inquire)

    All costs are subject to change and may vary with very difficult wraps, but this is the cost breakdown we've found to work well so far.

    Wrap Yardage needed for 2Lambie Onbuhimos 

    All measurements are stated in inches and are full width of wrap measurements. Please note, these are estimates and more may be needed depending on wrap width and placement.

    Semi conversion (panel only): 24" for baby/toddler or 26" for Preschool
    Half conversion (panel + top of shoulders): 50" x full wrap width
    Full Conversion (half + underside of panel and shoulders): 100"x full wrap width
    Hood: +20" x full wrap width
    Suck pads: 8-20" x full wrap width (depends on placement)
    Chest belt:  9" x full wrap width

    CHEVRON PATTERNS: You will need more yardage than stated above because I have to cut on the bias and restitch together to create the panel.

    PLACEMENT: Please keep in mind that more yardage might be necessary if your wrap has "scenes" or creatures that you want me to include. Placement should be carefully considered.



    Custom slots are available once per month and a deposit is necessary to hold your slot.  Our handbags are custom made for you. Each bag made with your own personal fabric which you may choose to provide or you may select from our existing collection.   While some of our bags are our own designs and we plan to continue to add exclusive designs to our line, many of the bags in our handbag line are carefully selected patterns purchased from designers listed below and updated or modified to reflect our sense of style and our customers personal needs. 


    RLR Creations

    Blue Calla


    Dog Under My Desk