2Lambie Accoutrements - Lovies - Custom Slot

$ 65.00

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      The 2Lambie Zoo Custom List is currently available for Bunny Lovies, Lambie Lovies, Rabbits, Llamas, Friendly Neighbor, Alicorns and Dragons!

      These very special zoo animals would be custom sewn to your specifications using your wrap or wrap fabric available through 2Lambie.

      Each custom slot deposit is non-refundable and  holds your place in line. Each animal requires one slot. Deposit amount will be applied to custom total. If you'd like to purchase more than one custom zoo animal please add more than one 2Lambie Zoo-Custom Slot to your cart. 


      $25 Lambie & Bunny Lovies 

      $45 Dragon Baby, Llama, Alicorn, Friendly Neighbor and Rabbit


      2Lambie Zoo Animal Custom Fee: Note 2Lambie provided wrap material is additional - minimum noted. Or you may send in your own wrap  

      • Bunny Lovie  $75
      • Lambie Lovie $75
      • Rabbit Doll  $150
      • Llama $150 
      • Dragon Baby - Accent $165
      • Dragon Baby - Full $175
      • Alicorn $175 + $18-24 to twist fringe mane/tail
      • Friendly Neighbor $225

           * Bow Tie/Hair Bow may be added for $22 


      Wrap Material Amount Needed per 2Lambie Zoo Animal:

      Lambie Lovie: 15" x 15"

      Bunny Lovie: 15" x 15"

      Rabbit:  wrap amount varies, please ask  

      Dragon Baby (Full Wrap): 25” x Full Wrap Width               

      Dragon Baby (Accent Wrap): 15”x full wrap width + $10 minky coordinate fabric cost 

      Llama: 8” x full wrap width 

      Alicorn:  30” x full wrap width 

      Bow Tie/Hair Bow: 5 x 8”  

      Ready-to-ship 2Lambie Zoo animals can be found here

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