2Lambie Accoutrements - Handbags - Nora - Cleo

$ 145.00

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      The 2Lambie Nora Clutch may be small, but it is not your ordinary clutch! She holds your credit cards, carries your cell phone as well as a lipstick for a quick, small grab-your-essentials handbag. She keeps all your important items in one convenient place. This clutch is a must for any woman on the go, just grab this bag and know you have the essentials at your finger tips. You can opt to use the clutch like a wallet, move it from handbag to handbag and know that no matter which bag you grab for the day, you have your necessities with you. Or ditch the big handbag altogether and let this little beauty speak for itself as your fashion accessory when a compact bag is what you need.  Clip to your baby carrier or other essentials bag  

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