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      2Lambie proudly presents the “Ocah” Ssc baby carrier previously offered in the UK under the helm of Kerry Berry owner of Ocah Handmade.  Ocah was named after her 4 daughter’s first name initials and we are continuing on with the Ocah legacy offering you not just a baby carrier but parenting experience.  

      Each carrier is handmade one at a time and are highly customizeable.  You will work with our studio one-on-one to make the perfect selections for your carrier.  


      How can you get on our custom list? 

      *** Custom Slots are available via draw. To enter the draw you need to follow our Facebook business page at https://m.facebook.com/2LambieCreations 

      We list draws for all our style carriers approx twice a month.  We highly recommend following our biz page and turning on notifications.

      Our slots are for 1 conversion custom carrier. The custom timeline is running about 3 months out, meaning you will be contacted to start your custom in about three months.

      * if you purchase this slot now via a listing here (lucky you! as they aren’t typically available) then you’ll need to contact the Facebook Biz page via 2Lambie to determine when your slot is scheduled for.

      The $150 deposit is non-refundable and must be purchased before you can be added to the 2Lambie custom list. Your deposit is applied to the final cost of your carrier.  

      Conversion Fees: (Fees below do not include wrap costs and you may add linen backed panel ($10-30).

      Full Conversion Carrier base price $395


      1. Add Hood (sewn on) $40
      2. Detachable Hood $45
      3. Arched Head Rest $40
      4. Suck Pads $40  Curved $50
      5. Extra quilting for intricate waist design $40+
      6. Embroidery $40+ min for each location (on hood or waist), does not include embroidery file cost if purchase is required typically $3-5 per design and design time for custom work if required. 
      7. Pintucks $40 for basic (increases for more intricate work)
      8. Applique $30 for basic 
      9. Wrap chest belt $35
      10. Chevron Hood $40 or Panel $50
      11. Extra Hood Reach Straps (for hood) $20
      12. Hood Adornments $35 (1 per side) or $70 (2 per side)
      13. Tie Waist $55
      14. Half Buckle (SSC with pleated wrap ties for shoulders) $55
      15. Meh Dai $80 (SSC with pleated wrap ties and 5” wide wrap waist ties)
      16. Ring Waist $80
      17. Wrap Ties w/ Ring Waist $100

            Carrier panel size options are:

            Baby size 15" wide x 14.5" tall

            Standard Size 17.5" wide x 16" tall

            Inbetween size 17.5" wide x 17" tall

            Toddler size 18.5" wide x 18" tall

            Pre-schooler size 21" wide 18" tall

            Waist size available:

            20” (24” minimum with the buckle)

            24” (28” min)

            26” (30” min)


            IMPORTANT!!  This slot is non-refundable and non-transferable. We will contact you via Facebook messenger when your slot is approaching to coordinate sending in your wrap and when your wrap has arrived at our studio together we will make final selections for your carrier at that time. We will be available to walk you through every step.  If you attained this slot via 2Lambie Collab with a weaver partner, and you vacate your slot then do know you also pass on the woven piece and deposits paid.  

            • As I work through my custom list you will be notified when your slot is approaching so that you may send along your wrap. You may also opt to purchase material or wrap by the inch from my extensive collection. 
            • I will only make two attempts to contact you for your slot and if there is no response within 48 hours of the second attempt then you forfeit your slot. 
            • Once you have made your selections for your custom carrier, you will be given a total and the full amount will be due at the time the carrier is completed and payment will need to be received before your carrier can be shipped.  
            • Your carrier will not ship until full payment is received. If payment is not received within 30 days, then I will reserve the right to sell the carrier and recover my fees and any shipping costs associated with shipping any scrap material back to you. 
            • Shipping your completed carrier will cost a min $15.95 domestically. This cost (or any additional shipping costs for returning wrap scrap) will be added to your carrier total.
            • International shipping will be charged at cost.
            • Tax will be charged in California.

            Yardage needs:  2.6m wrap fabric for a full conversion ssc with buckle waist with hood and suck pads. Ring Waist requires 3.8m. This is an estimate based on minimum needs and doesn’t take into account extras and placement needs. If you need a quote for a meh dai carrier please reach out to the biz page for a quote as you’ll likely need specific lengths for your needs. 

            ** Add-On pricing may change over time to be commensurate with sewing rates and labor in the market place and to account for the increasing costs of supplies and overhead due to COVID and supply chain issues. Shipping costs may increase in as well with 2022. We will increase individual add-ons rather than the base price as we feel this is more fair. 


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