2Lambie 2Gether Face Masks - Halloween (PreOrder)

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      The 2Lambie is continuing our service to the community by providing masks on a pre-order basis. 

      To help us better streamline our production, place your mask pre-order so we can begin cutting and prepping materials in bulk and batch cut and sew!

      Efficiency is critical to ensure we can succeed at delivering masks to you in a timely fashion. 

      By purchasing this mask via PRE-ORDER you will also be funding the cost of sending one additional mask to our in-kind project. Please unite with us to help keep those who are working in our community safe. Each mask costs $14 to make including a livable wage, materials and labor on average and $3-4 to ship individually, less if shipped in bulk.

      Please join the 2Lambie 2Gether Team by helping provide quality reusable masks to the community. We are committed to meeting the needs of all community requests, but need your support! The additional funds from each mask sold is going to help fund our donation mask effort.  

      Please consider purchasing a donation mask at checkout to help us service the community project.  We are currently sewing masks for local schools who provides services to our community and their families.  The effort will provide masks to outreach community members.  We have serviced many many initiatives to date and sewn over 4000 masks in total for frontline workers and community volunteers since the beginning of covid and we are more than happy to continue to serve our community where there’s a need.  

      We thank you in advance for helping to fund masks for the community and do let us know if you have a program that needs masks.  

      Expected Timeline:  preorder will remain open through for the next week or so and will ship ongoing as each order is cut, sewn and is ready to ship. The longer you wait, the closer to Halloween, the greater the chance your mask might not arrive on time. Please allow 5-6 days for shipping first class if shipping to the East Coast.  We are cutting and prepping materials every day and will ship as orders are ready. This is an estimate and we could ship sooner or later based on supply chain. 


      We chose tie, mask shape and style as they provide a better custom fit for a variety of face shapes and sizes. Masks are made from 100% cotton for the main fabric and lining fabrics, ties are made from shoe lace like material. Each mask has a pocket so it can be paired with a filter layer of your choice (not included).  We will be including a pony bead with all masks for children over age 5 years old so no tying is required  

      Masks come in 4 sizes: Large (fits most men and will fit over N95 masks for men and women), Medium (fits most men, women and teens — do not use as a cover over another mask), Small (fits children ~5-10 yo), and xsmall (fits children ~ 3 -5 yo). The Large size masks can be used as covers to extend the life of N95 masks or be worn alone to provide a barrier to help prevent hand face contact. 

      We have several style categories to choose from but individual prints cannot be requested as we are trying to cut down on sorting and shipping times to maximize mask production time.

      Expert recommendation at this time is for everyone to be wearing masks as you cannot tell who is asymptomatic and still infectious. Wearing a mask helps limit aerosol droplet spread both to and from the mask wearer. These are not n95 masks.  Please see the cdc.org for further information about proper mask care and use follow cdc safety guidelines.  

      These items are nonreturnable and non-refundable due to possible contamination when trying on. 

      *materials may be substituted as supply chain issue crop up.

      ** note these masks are being made as quickly as possible, but we will sew for hospitals along side these orders, often prioritizing those front line critical needs first. We will be making masks to the best of our abilities with our small dedicated team and thank you for your patience. 


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